What does risk assessment mean to you?

(a)   A buzz word that everyone in the office talks about but nobody actually understands.
(b)   Something that your manager says you should do but you put at the bottom of your job  list because you are too busy.
(c)   A concept that gets in the way of profit.
(d)   Nothing you need worry about.

If as an employer, you care about your people, your property or the future success of your business the answer is clear:   (e)   None of the above.

Risk assessment is a process which identifies risk areas and necessary control measures within your business to keep staff and visitors safe from harm.

Why should you do it?

(a)   People are valuable assets and good health and safety records lead to high productivity and quality standards.
(b)   Preventing is better and cheaper than curing.
(c)   The company is fulfilling a legal requirement.
(d)   An ethic company is a company that other companies want to do business with.

The correct answer this time is:   (e)   All of the above.

Now think about what would happen to your business in the event of a fire and answer the following questions yourself:

1)     Can you say with confidence there is no risk that a fire could break out on your premises? No?
2)     If a fire does break out do your staff know how to get out the building and to a place of safety? No?
3)     Are those exit routes clearly identified with compliant fire exit safety signs? No?
4)     Can you see them properly even if all light sources fail? No?
5)     Are they correctly positioned so that even a visitor or fire fighter could find there way out? No?

If the answer to all these questions is no, you need to buy some photoluminescent safety signs from a reputable supplier and ask for advice on how to install a safety way guidance system.

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