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Everlux & Masterlux – Subsidiary Member, Parent Company Everlux

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Work Indústria de Sinalização Limitada Av. Radamés Lo Sardo, 401 – Distrito Industrial III Bragança Paulista – SP / CEP 12.908-829 Brazil Contact: Patrícia Depentor Work Phone: +55 (11) 4035 6262 Work Fax: +55 (11) 4035 2122 Website: www.everlux.com.br

Company Info

Everlux also has an industrial facility in Brazil (São Paulo), where it manufactures the photoluminescent safety signs for this specific market. Following the same corporate principles and values of the European holding company, Everlux Brazil has, since its establishment in 2005, a solid commitment to the continuing quality improvement, innovation and technological development.

With a dedicated local team, Everlux Brazil provides a tailored customer service which intends to be exemplary, ensuring training programs to its partners and to the fire protection industry as well as specific survey and estimation assessment to each safety signage project.

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