Most of us in the photoluminescent industry have the numbers 16069 deeply entrenched in our psyche. Why? Because these are the numbers that represent our bible and make our world rock!

ISO 16069 is the International Standard that outlines the principles governing the design and application of visual components used to create a safety way guidance system.

To you and me this means how to combine photoluminescent fire exit safety signs with photoluminescent guidance lines and markers to create an effective evacuation system in the event of an emergency.

Without this standard our industry and customers would have nowhere to turn for international expert advice on escape route marking, no reassurance that they are following best practise principles and no overall world-wide standardisation of systems.

In turn, without good safety way guidance systems in place, employees and visitors would experience more panic, more disorientation and more fear in the event of an evacuation than is necessary in this day and age.

It is understandable therefore why ISO 16069 is so revered as a fantastic ground breaking International Standard for both employers and employees.   But the best news is still to come….. It is now due to be reviewed and brought bang up to date with all the latest scientific developments and cutting edge research now available.

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) intends to start this process on 15/10/2007 and the PSPA are keen to be involved. It is their intention to submit ideas for consideration in the redraft and they will comment on the document at each stage of its formulation until the final document is published.

The PSPA are committed to the concept of safety way guidance systems as well as establishing and maintaining recognised industry standards and as such, will continue to strive for photoluminescent excellence through this new international venture.   In doing so they achieve another of their aims indirectly – to promote photoluminescent safety products and their applications – and safeguard the future of these life saving, innovative signage solutions.

If you would like to become a PSPA member or have any questions about ISO 16069 and its revision please do not hesitate to contact us on………… We would love you to be part of the best to come too!