Parla Train Station, Madrid, Spain

Job: Train station, in Madrid, Spain.

Technical specifications: According to owner safety specification and following Spanish Standards UNE 23033, 23034, 23035.

Solution/material installed: 490 linear meters of Sinalux LLL Photoluminescent System of Photoluminescent Polycarbonate with 100mm width on the floor and 210 linear meters of Sinalux Photoluminescent strips in aluminum frame on the walls and 116 evacuation signs at high level.

Time of installation: 2 nights (as works on platforms can only be done between 01:00 am and 05:00 am) plus 2 days on corridors.

Administrative building, Figueira da Foz, Portugal

Job: Administrative building in Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

Technical specifications: Owner specification following French Standard NF X08-050-2: 2008.

Solution/material installed: Sinalux LLL Photoluminescent System of Photoluminescent Polycarbonate with 57 mm width on first and last step on the floor; Non-slip Self-adhesive “L” shape in intermediate steps and Photoluminescent guide line on the handrail.

Time of installation: 1 day.

Rockefeller Center, New York, USA

Job: Office building/mixed use in New York, USA.

Technical specifications: SWGS was installed to fulfill NYC mandated markings for High Rise buildings as specified by Reference Standard 6-1 published by the Department of Buildings for existing buildings as of July 2005.

Solution/material installed: System consisted of JALITE AAA Rigid PVC and Aluminum markings. The side of each step is marked with a pair of ‘L’-shaped markers, and the leading edge of each landing is fully marked with an aluminum extruded threshold with JALITE AAA Rigid PVC Insert. All handrails are marked with JALITE AAA Self-adhesive vinyl. Low located signs with ISO EXIT Symbol and the text “EXIT” are located near the floor at each entrance to every stairwell.

Time of installation: Approximately 6 days.

Qingdao City Subway Station, Qingdao City, China

Job: Subway station in Qingdao City, China.

Technical specifications: 300mcd/m2 at 10 minutes.

Solution/material installed: Adhesive.

Date of installation: 2018.

Escape stairwell in an industrial building, Baden-Baden, Germany

Job: Escape stairwell in an industrial building in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Technical specifications: Acrylic film used as handrail marking, aluminium profiles including strips class D on the stairs,  floor marking discs with directional arrow class D, floor marking escape route semicircle class C, escape door sign class C and doormarking strips class D.

Solution/material installed: PU-floor covering on stairs mixed with PL grid (class C/D).

Time of installation: 2 days including stairs.